Warrington Youth Rowing

Jul 28, 2022

Bennett Briegal is delighted to have become the first corporate sponsor of Warrington Youth Rowing (WYR).

WYR as a project close to Mark‘s heart, and one that he has been indirectly involved with since its inception. WYR is the brainchild of Richard Sinnott, an experienced rowing coach and administrator and Ben Dunne, a former headteacher. The aim of the project is to use equipment that Warrington Rowing Club does not using during the day and to help disadvantaged children improve their lives through learning to row. 

Rowing is a sport that teaches ultimate teamwork, dedication, focus and many other life skills. WYR is targeted at disadvantaged children who are given the opportunity to develop and progress through rowing.

The scheme has had some brilliant results already and really is changing lives. Two of the girls who came through the scheme raced this year at the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta and one has won a rowing scholarship to a top US university. This would not have happened without the WYR scheme.

At the lower end, children’s academic progress is improving as they learn to focus and gain self-esteem through achievement. The children, their families and schools appreciate the results.

Mark has been rowing, coaching rowing and umpiring for many years and is a lover of the sport. He has been looking to make rowing more widely available as it can (incorrectly) be perceived as elitist, but at a club level certainly is not. Warrington Rowing Club is far removed from most people’s perceptions of what a rowing club might be, yet has produced Olympic champions.

The scheme has now been extended to the surrounding areas of Liverpool, Manchester and Northwich, operating on the same basis. 

Bennett Briegal is delighted to be associated with this amazing project.

Please check out https://warringtonyouthrowing.org.uk/.